Program for 3D tile layout


Program for 3D tile layout with computer


Make the consumer services
in your store even
more better thanks to our program

Your clients will appreciate it
and will come up bringing their money to you


You can create the project
in 1 minute
Software management takes
3 minutes
Your new employees will quickly
became familiar with the program
no matter what age they have
Sanviz simplicity has no equivalent


Low photorealistic 3D model.

But please note that no program
is able to reflect reality
better than the original.
Thanks to this program you can make
a design project right at the display with tiles

Benefits of PC version

1 Cheap and userfriendly
2 Fast creation
of Design projects
in several versions
3 Collection change
in the finished model
could be made
in few seconds

PC version disadvantages

Your clients can stay there for hours, require a lot of options to make and still won’t buy a single tile in the end. This consumes quite a lot of store resources as its main objective is to sell more tiles possible

There are no such disadvantages in SanViz with terminals

Once your clients had been to your store
with SanViz service,
they will never get away
to your competitors
Easy program management
with no instructions and video tutorials.
You will learn how to use it in 3 minutes!

You are able to make several design
projects in a few seconds.
The program will pay its way back
in the first month with 5-6 buyers
and then only earnings will follow


  • In our database there
    are over 80 000
    texture of tiles
  • We add tiles in this database
    for free upon your request
  • There is automatic download
    for tiles texture from the indicated web
    page or taking a photo


    If you cannot find a factory or a collection, then
    write us about that and we'll add it for FREE


    • alfastroy

      We have only positive feedback as regards the terminal, customers are leaving fully satisfied with their purchase, and really grateful. The flow of interested buyers is growing up and sometimes there is quite a big queue to the terminal.
      CEO of company "Alpha Stroy"
      Kuldoshin O.S.

    • bono

      We liked the following program options:
      1. There is a fast tile layout
      2. The customer can create a design by himself
      3. It is possible to create a layout with tiles and other elements on the floor.
      CEO of " BONO Company"

    • granit-ceramica

      Once we installed in our trading centre this «SanViz» design terminal our company has gained a lot, not only by getting a bigger income and a customer flow, but also a new quality service.
      CEO of company "Granite Ceramics"
      St. Petersburg

    • lesotorgovaya

      Many buyers, after they had created their own design project, immediately made the purchase, so this is an additional impulse to buy.
      BST Lesotorgovaya
      IE Panuhnik V.N.

    • design-complect

      Buyers were very interested in this new product and they regularly use the service to create their own design space. We do not have any complaints about the operation of this service and the terminal.
      CEO of company "Design Complekt"
      Sarnicov O.V.

    • urbaeva

      Since the terminal was installed, we had only positive feedbacks from both sellers and buyers, because buyers are able to create the design of their bathrooms by themselves.
      IE Urbaeva V.S.

    • kokhno

      We would like to thank the "SanViz" team for creating such a unique program for tiles calculation, that is, as a most important of all, really accessible and convenient for customers.
      IE Kohno I.V.

    • stroymarket

      As soon as we placed the "SanViz" terminal in our store, the positive feedbacks from our satisfied customers had significantly increased.
      IE Dakhkilgov B.U.


    • What distinguishes "SanViz Terminal" from "SanViz for PC version"?

      They are equivalent as for their functions, but the first version is adjusted more for the buyer who will make the program work with his finger, and the other version is set for the seller, who will work with a PC mouse. Customer’s interface is designed in such a way to make him promptly figure out how the program is working, and the seller’s interface helps to make quickly the project with no use of a training program.

    • Can I install the program on a tablet with Windows 8?

      Yes, you can install the program, but it doesn’t have settings to work with fingers and it won’t be really handy to use it on tablet. We recommend buying a special SanViz tablet version.

    • What are the system requirements?

      Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7/8.
      Processor = not less than Intel Core 2 Duo E7300.
      Display: resolution of at least 1280x1024;
      RAM: 2 GB or more;
      Video card = not less than AMD HD 6670.

    • Which differences has your program from the others?

      Above all, it gives to the client an opportunity to create a design project on his own. The program management takes about three minutes because of its simple interface.

    • Can I upload my own collections?

      Yes, sure. On our web site you can download the collections database. If you didn’t found in this database the required collection, you can add textures yourself or send us a request to add them.

    • Will you make any changes to the program?

      Our program is constantly improved. The updates are released on average every two weeks.

    • Is it possible to add new features to the program?

      Yes, it is. The web site has a section where you can submit proposals for the program development.

    • Can we download into the program only our collections?

      Our web site offers a complete collections database and you can choose only those collections that you need.

    • Which tile collections do you have?

      Currently in our database there are over 80,000 tile denominations. Russian manufacturers are all present and some of foreign manufacturers are also there. If you need a collection that does not exist in our database, you can let us know and we will upload it to the web site. So you will be able to download it from there.

    • Is it possible to resize the layouts?

      Yes, you can change the layout sizes. We have several standard layout models, based on which customers can specify their bathroom sizes. There is only a maximum limit as regards the room length – it shouldn’t be more than 10 meters. You can also draw a layout of any shape thanks to the straight lines.

    • Is it possible to adjust it to the sanitary equipment?

      As for sanitary ware, we don’t see a lot of requirements compared with tiles. That is why we think that sanitary equipment, installed in the program, should be quite sufficient. Moreover, its dimensions can be changed. And the buyer can see how the particular sanitary equipment looks like, directly in the store.

    • How can I update the database?

      You can find a collections database on our website. All our clients have access to it. All you need to do is to download the appropriate collection from the web site, loading it to the terminal, using for example the USB key. There is also an instruction in the client’s private account.

    • Who makes the prices?

      The program is set in a way to make possible price editing. We leave this option to the store. There is also the option for price integration with the store accounting system.

    • Do you have a training program?

      We do not have a training program, since there is no need for it. As for our estimates, an individual becomes familiar with the program within 3 minutes. The program desktop with different arrows shows where to click to change prices or to download other collections. And on our website you can find a video showing how to work with the program.

    • What are the program weak spots?

      We have made this program so easy, due to the fact that all unnecessary complex functions were removed, as some similar programs still have. Nevertheless, they are still used mostly by designers. For example: in our program you cannot make a room with round walls or with a sloping ceiling. In our opinion, people who live with irregular layouts are quite wealthy and can afford to ask for designer services. Our program is focused on a large segment of people, living in apartments with a standard layout.

    • Can we upload collections by ourselves?

      Yes, we have a special utility tool to make the work with database easy.

    • Can I make the sloping ceilings?

      Unfortunately, we do not have this function in the program, as the owners of sloping ceilings are likely to live in cottages or penthouses. And they probably can afford to hire a designer. Our program is not directed to them.

    • Can I make a curved wall?

      Unfortunately, we do not have this function in the program as the owners of bathrooms with curved walls, are most likely to live in cottages. And they probably can afford to hire a designer. Our program is not directed to them. In our program you can make a layout with different multangular forms.

    • Is it possible to rotate tiles at 45 degrees?

      Yes, there such a function in the program.

    • Do I need an internet connection?

      Yes, It is required but only at the moment of activation of the program. Update the program database and can download them to a USB flash drive and copy any komptyutera on the computer on which you installed "SanViz PC".

    • Do I have to pay for the maintenance in future?

      There is no need for that.



    for tablet PC
    with ОS “Android”
    for those who want sellers to establish contact
    with each client, making him leave satisfied and with a purchase.
    Price 500$
    for PC
    Inexpensive implementation of the service in your store.
    Program management takes 3 minutes, and you can make
    a design project in 1 minute
    Price 500$
    For web sites
    For those who want the web site to bring money and to be visited by a lot of tile setters and designers. People who would like to make an order, will be able to draw it in 2 clicks, and the rest will make a site advertising on,,
    Price 10 000$
    "SanViz" Terminals
    for those who want the buyer to create a design project for himself
    and stay in your store at no additional cost.
    Price 4000$
    For factory
    for those who want their dealers to sell
    more effectively their products assortment through a simple program
    Price 10 000$ for an unlimited number of licenses only with your products assortment.

    Buy now
    SanViz version for PC



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