Program for 3D tile layout

Ceramic tiles factories can take advantage of our special offer for "SanViz" tablets and PC version.
Also they can install on their own web site a "SanViz" website version.


Take a chance to improve your web site and you will
have your clients, construction companies and designers
all-time messing around

Sanviz Best Features

You can create the Project in 1 minute
Sales personnel of large chain stores
will have the possibility to do their work all
at the same time
Your client can make
a design project by himself and place an order.
Clients, that made the project, but not intentioned to order, will get their project only after an advertising publication in social networks
Once they saw your web-site with “Sanviz” installed, your clients will never get away to your competitors

Special conditions for "SanViz"
tablet version

Buy now the option to set up
in advance all your collections into the app.

You will give to all users a chance to create a design
project with your assortment for Free.
Especially tile setters and designers will be pleased with it.

Move on with the app promotion in dealer stores
as your collections are already installed inside,

advertising the possibility of free app download and
design project creation with your collections.
The application works on both phones
and tablets with OS Android.

Everyone knows that tile setters are really good
regular clients and best "advisors" among the all.

Make up a convenient tool to work with your
assortment, and they will become quite faithful sellers of your products.

Collections Database

You don't need to
prepare any collections database for "SanViz".

It synchronizes with your web site,
downloads all your collections alongside with
textures, sizes and prices.

As you add a tile on your web site,
it will at once be displayed in "SanViz" program

Price for advance settting of your collections into
"SanViz" program - 10 000$

Special conditions for "SanViz"
PC version.

We can offer to ceramic tile producers a "SanViz"
program in its PC version with unlimited licenses
quantity in order to promote their brand and products.

As for its functions, our program is as good as any of
its competitors, but has one strong point –
you can create a design project in 1 minute
(at the same time, the competitors need at least 20-30 minutes).
This way, in 10 minutes a seller can create up to ten
layout variants, and give his remaining time to tiles sales.

The program with only your brand collections
at unlimited quantity will cost - 10 000$


for tablet PC
with ОS “Android”
for those who want sellers to establish contact
with each client, making him leave satisfied and with a purchase.
Price 500$
for PC
Inexpensive implementation of the service in your store.
Program management takes 3 minutes, and you can make
a design project in 1 minute
Price 500$
For web sites
For those who want the web site to bring money and to be visited by a lot of tile setters and designers. People who would like to make an order, will be able to draw it in 2 clicks, and the rest will make a site advertising on,,
Price 10 000$
"SanViz" Terminals
for those who want the buyer to create a design project for himself
and stay in your store at no additional cost.
Price 4000$
For factory
for those who want their dealers to sell
more effectively their products assortment through a simple program
Price 10 000$ for an unlimited number of licenses only with your products assortment.


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