Program for 3D tile layout

Free applications to be used on tablet PC and cell-phones
with Android platform
for Ceramic tile shops


Make the consumer services
in your store even
more better thanks to our app

Your clients will appreciate it
and will come up bringing their money to you


You can create the Project
in 1 minute
App management takes
3 minutes
Possibility to send the design project
to the client’s or to the store’s e-mail
There is no equivalent for SanViz


Low photorealistic 3D model.

But please note that no program
is able to reflect reality better than the original.
Thanks to this app you can make a
design project right at the display with tiles.

Benefits of tablet PC version

1 Sales personnel is able to establish contact even faster, as they offer a helpful and free of charge service
2 Design project is done directly at the display with tiles, allowing to decide quickly if the collection goes well for you or not
3 You have a clear contrast feature comparing to your competitors - this will allow to attract people to your shop
Disadvantages of tablet PC version.
The tablet PC screen is only 10 inches but it can be synchronized
with a large TV set
Once your clients had been to your store
with SanViz service,
they will never get away
to your competitors
Payment is only
for downloading tiles
Sanviz Pro
Sanviz Pro
Upgrade and service cost 0 $
Loading 1 texture of tiles 0 $
Unlimited free-loading of all collections +
The app will pay its way back
in the first month with 5-6 buyers
and then only earnings will follow


  • In our database there
    are over 80 000 texture of tiles
  • We add tiles in this database
    for free upon your request
  • You can also create a tile by youself
    by downloading its
    picture in Internet or taking a photo
  • There is automatic download
    for tiles texture
    from the indicated web page


    If you cannot find a factory or a collection, then
    write us about that and we'll add it for FREE


    • alfastroy

      We have only positive feedback as regards the terminal, customers are leaving fully satisfied with their purchase, and really grateful. The flow of interested buyers is growing up and sometimes there is quite a big queue to the terminal.
      CEO of company "Alpha Stroy"
      Kuldoshin O.S.

    • bono

      We liked the following program options:
      1. There is a fast tile layout
      2. The customer can create a design by himself
      3. It is possible to create a layout with tiles and other elements on the floor.
      CEO of " BONO Company"

    • granit-ceramica

      Once we installed in our trading centre this «SanViz» design terminal our company has gained a lot, not only by getting a bigger income and a customer flow, but also a new quality service.
      CEO of company "Granite Ceramics"
      St. Petersburg

    • lesotorgovaya

      Many buyers, after they had created their own design project, immediately made the purchase, so this is an additional impulse to buy.
      BST Lesotorgovaya
      IE Panuhnik V.N.

    • design-complect

      Buyers were very interested in this new product and they regularly use the service to create their own design space. We do not have any complaints about the operation of this service and the terminal.
      CEO of company "Design Complekt"
      Sarnicov O.V.

    • urbaeva

      Since the terminal was installed, we had only positive feedbacks from both sellers and buyers, because buyers are able to create the design of their bathrooms by themselves.
      IE Urbaeva V.S.

    • kokhno

      We would like to thank the "SanViz" team for creating such a unique program for tiles calculation, that is, as a most important of all, really accessible and convenient for customers.
      IE Kohno I.V.

    • stroymarket

      As soon as we placed the "SanViz" terminal in our store, the positive feedbacks from our satisfied customers had significantly increased.
      IE Dakhkilgov B.U.


    1. Which are the system requirements?

      - Screen Size = 10.1 inches and more
      - Screen resolution = 1280x800 pixels and more е
      - The operating system = Android 4.0.3 or later versions
      - ARM-processor = ARM9 and later versions, based on the ARMv7
      - Video processor with support: OpenGL ES 2.0, pixel and vertex shaders
      - Built-in memory = 16 GB and more
      - RAM: 1 GB and more
      - Internet connection via Wi-Fi or 3G

    2. What tablet PC versions do you recommend to work with?

      You could see a list made below with a decrease of our preferences. We tested the application only on these devices.
      1. Speaking in terms of price/quality we do recommend the tablet PRESTIGIO MultiPad 4 Ultimate 10.1 3G - 16Gb
      2. Samsung Nexus 10
      3. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000

    3. How do I add tiles in SanViz program?

      There are several ways to add tiles to the database: :
      a. Download automatically from the specified web site page the texture for tiles
      b. Make a photo for the texture directly on the tablet PC
      c. Download on the tablet PC tiles textures
      d. Download from our database, where you can find more than 80,000 tiles textures

    4. Are there any further payments?

      They are not required. The program is free and all of its updates are free.

    5. You sell only the program? Can you sell also the tablet PC?

      We sell only the program. Without the tablet. .

    6. How can I try the app and its functionality?

      We can send you a setup file directly on your email.

    7. Is there a version for iOS? Are you planning to make a version for iPad?

      Now we can’t say for sure if there will be a version for iPad, but if you need it, then please write us about that. We can begin to develop an iPad-version as soon as a minimum of 20 copies will be ordered.

    8. Can you translate the SanViz program in the language of my country?

      Yes, sure. Upon the condition that you will give us a translation into the language of your country.

    9. What for I should pay?

      You pay for purchasing PRO version of SanViz for option for unlimited collection add.

    10. Is it possible to add new features to SanViz?

      We are constantly making improvements to the program. If you think there is a specific function missing, please write us and we will consider if to add it..

    11. Do you finalize program in any way? How do I get the updates for it?

      We regularly update the program. All the updates will arrive on Google Play and SanViz is automatically updated on your tablet.

    12. Can I draw an improvised layout design?

      There is such a function in SanViz program, but it has some restrictions, for example, they are related to the niches in the floor and rounded corners.

    13. Is there a calculation for the amounts of tiles made?

      Yes, the program calculates the exact amount of tiles and its cost, and there is a possibility to indicate manually the needed reserve.

    14. Is it possible to print the design project from SanViz ?

      It is possible to save the design project like an image on your tablet PC and then print it in any way you want. You can also send the design project to the store’s or client’s email, and then print it from there.

    15. How are the prices of tiles entered in SanViz program?

      Prices for tiles are created by Sanviz user. You can pre-set the price for all tiles, but you can also set them when you need it while creating each separate design project.

    16. Do I need an internet connection ?

      You will need an Internet connection to add new tiles from Internet or our database as well as to update and to activate SanViz programm and also to send a design project by email. All other functions are available without internet connection.

    17. Hide


    for tablet PC
    with ОS “Android”
    for those who want sellers to establish contact
    with each client, making him leave satisfied and with a purchase.
    Price 500$
    for PC
    Inexpensive implementation of the service in your store.
    Program management takes 3 minutes, and you can make
    a design project in 1 minute
    Price 500$
    For web sites
    For those who want the web site to bring money and to be visited by a lot of tile setters and designers. People who would like to make an order, will be able to draw it in 2 clicks, and the rest will make a site advertising on,,
    Price 10 000$
    "SanViz" Terminals
    for those who want the buyer to create a design project for himself
    and stay in your store at no additional cost.
    Price 4000$
    For factory
    for those who want their dealers to sell
    more effectively their products assortment through a simple program
    Price 10 000$ for an unlimited number of licenses only with your products assortment.




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